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Call for Papers for Autumn Issue of Lapis Lazuli, an International Journal of Literature

Deadline: 31 July 2012

The Journal would like to have original, well-written, duly researched articles on various segments of both the older and the contemporary literature in English, throwing light particularly on Drama and Theatre for the Autumn Issue 2012 ,Volume-II,Issue -2. The journal, nevertheless, will also encase, in the global perspective, such articles on poetry, fiction, literary criticism, linguistics, critical theories, creative writings and reviews of published books. We invite critical and analytical articles on various aspects of contemporary literature written, researched and duly documented by the academics, scholars and perceptive readers across nations.

The society will make efforts to publish occasional special issues. The editorial policy, with no leaning towards any particular ideology or concept, is open to any intellectual exercise in any area of literature. Publishers may send copies of their published books for review by selected experts.

Submissions, should be typed double spaced on hard copies (not exceeding 3000 words) on one side of the paper only, in conformity with the MLA style sheet (6th or 7th Edn.) documentation pattern; or may also be submitted by e-mail Attachment or by sending CDs using MS word. Hard copy manuscripts submitted for publication can not be returned to the authors, if not personally collected.

AUTUMN ISSUE of Lapis Lazuli -An International Literary Journal (LLILJ) the last date for submission is 31 JULY 2012


Contributors can help editorial processing by submitting their manuscript in accordance with the following guidelines:

1). A-4 size paper and one side of each sheet to be used. Word limit should not exceed 3500 words

2) There should be generous margins, and double-space typing.

3) Indent the beginning of each paragraph except the first.

4) Italicize (or underline) book titles.

5) The author’s name should be centrally placed below the title of articles. Other details such as address and professional position, etc. may be given at the end.

6) Reviews should have brief titles. Details of the book under review to be given below the title using the following conventions:

7) When footnotes are necessary make them as brief as possible and place them at the end of the article.

8) Material submitted should generally be in line with modern conventions on issues of language and gender. If guidance is needed please consult MLA style sheet (7th edition).


Revised manuscripts should be returned to the editors within 10 days from the date on which the revise request is sent. Revised manuscripts received after the given time to be considered as new submissions. Please give the exact page number(s), paragraphs(s) and line number(s) where each revision is made.

Proofs will be sent electronically to the concerned author, who should return the proof email with their corrections.

It is a condition for publication that PINTER SOCIETY OF INDIA will retain the absolute right over the published articles, recognizing the name of the author.

Please note that by submitting an article for publication the author confirms that s/he is the corresponding/submitting author and that PINTER SOCIETY OF INDIA is authorized to retain the article for any further use/reference recognizing the genuine authorship. Any change of address to be notified immediately to PINTER SOCIETY OF INDIA. Please note that PINTER SOCIETY OF INDIA does not retain copies of rejected articles.

Note: All Submissions to be sent through e-mail at lapislazulijournal@gmail.com or drdineshpanwar@rediffmail.com. Hard copies may be sent to the Secretary Pinter Society of India if the author wishes.


For queries/ submissions: lapislazulijournal@gmail.com or drdineshpanwar@rediffmail.com

Website: http://pintersociety.com/

call for submissions, and more:

Call for Papers for Autumn Issue of Lapis Lazuli, an International Journal of Literature + international literature