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Call for Submissions: Flash Fiction International (publisher: WW Norton)

Deadline: 31 December 2012

For forthcoming anthology Flash Fiction International, W.W. Norton. Editors Robert Shapard, James Thomas, and Chris Merrill (Director, U of Iowa Int’l Writing Program).

1. We are looking for contemporary very short stories in English translation, limit about 1,000 words. We usually reprint works already published; but will also consider original manuscripts.

2. We would be very grateful for networking help, leads to other’s work--names of authors, translators, books--with contact numbers if possible.

3. We also want quotes about or relevant to very short fiction (from writers in the form, or from any field--aesthetics, philosophy, physics, other arts, popular culture); we will be glad to acknowledge you and send a free copy of the book.

Send submissions or leads to: Robert Shapard, 3405 Mt. Bonnell Drive, Austin, TX 78731, rshapard@hawaii.edu


For queries/ submissions: rshapard@hawaii.edu

Website: check out the flash fiction series here

call for submissions, and more:

Call for Submissions: Flash Fiction International (publisher: WW Norton) + international literature