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Deadline July 23 | The Maisha Documentary Film Lab 2012 for East African Screenwriters and Directors

Deadline: 23 July 2012

This intensive lab is the centerpiece of the Maisha Foundation's curriculum. This is a residential lab, taking place in Kampala, Uganda and open to participants from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda.


The dates of the 4th Annual Documentary Lab 17th– 29th 2012 September in Kampala Uganda

Please submit the application requirements detailed below via email to: miriam@maishafilmlab.org.

Send samples of work to our physical address.

Your application for the 4th Annual Maisha Documentary lab will only be processed if you meet the following criteria:-


1. You need to fill out the application form correctly and in fully.

2. Cover letter introducing yourself, letting us knows about the work you’ve done in documentary film, your interest in directing, cinematography or editing (or all the above), and why you want to attend the lab. No more than 3 pages.

3. You must be a citizen of Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania or Uganda and residing in one of the four countries.

4. As confirmation of citizenship attach a copy of your Passport or another ID indicating citizenship

5. You must also be least 18 years of age by July 1st 2012.

6. Resume/CV, including name, address, email, and telephone, no more than 3 pages.

7. 3- 5 page essay about your story – who is the main character

8. A 200-word treatment for a documentary short. The subject for the documentary should be articulated as a “Short Documentary Portrait.” Portrait can be defined liberally and can include anything from an exploration of a person, a place or an event.

9. You must submit a Samples of previous work can be on VHS or DVD, PAL or NTSC


1. Participants will be selected at the sole discretion of the Maisha Selection Committee.

2. Applicants selected for participation will be informed via email by 6th August 2012 at the latest.

3. The list of selected participants will be published on our website. There is no legal claim to participate in the Maisha Film Lab.

4. Strictly one project per applicant.

5. Materials submitted will NOT be returned.

6. Only Applicants that are SHORT LISTED will be contacted (via email).

7. You must be fluent in both, written and spoken English.

The lab will be conducted in English. However please note if chosen your script can be filmed in any language of your choose.


1. All participants are responsible for their own travel costs to Uganda.

2. All participants are responsible for any visa or vaccination costs associated with traveling to Uganda.

3. The cost covered by Maisha Film Lab will include accommodation, food, and transport during the lab and the cost of producing the 4 shorts.

Production Restrictions:

• Topic must be feasible to produce in Kampala during a two-day shoot
• Final piece should be no more than 5-10 minutes in length


• All final participants are responsible for travel costs to Uganda.
• All films will be shot and edited using digital video technology.
• Strictly one project per applicant.
• Materials submitted will NOT be returned.
• Only Applicants that are SHORT LISTED will be contacted via email.

Download: application form


For queries/ submissions: miriam@maishafilmlab.org (sample work submissions should be sent to the address indicated on the application form)

Website: http://www.maishafilmlab.org/

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Deadline July 23 | The Maisha Documentary Film Lab 2012 for East African Screenwriters and Directors + writing scholarship