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Deadline August 15 | Call for Papers: Counter-Cultures in Contemporary Africa Volume 8 Number 1

Deadline: 15 August 2012

UCT’s Centre for African Studies and its interdisciplinary postgraduate, peer-reviewed journal, postamble, invite you to submit papers, photographic essays and book reviews that address the formations and expressions of counter- cultures in Africa.

We understand ‘counter-cultures’ as zones of emergent response, constituting a range of practices, representations and performances, produced by varying narratives and realities. We see counter-cultures as movements that may begin in the fringes of normative society and politics, but that gather momentum and begin to rival the status quo in visible and powerful ways. We think of counter-cultures as the catalysts for social, political and cultural action and change.

postamble welcomes graduate submissions that raise questions about counter-cultures in contemporary Africa. We are interested, but not limited to, submissions that engage with the following fields of enquiry:

  • Visual and literary cultures and new medias that seek to challenge traditional or inherited forms, themes, approaches and expectations to art, culture and/ or society
  • Revolutionary movements: violent and non-violent responses to state power
  • The philosophy of change and the idea of the ‘zeitgeist’
  • Everyday practices that undermine, subvert and/or challenge existing power structures and discourses
  • Patterns of social response that act as catalysts for change
  • Visible and invisible forms of protest
  • Shifting forms and modes of social habitation, especially in urban areas
  • The use (or misuse) of the public archive
  • Post-colonial queer culture, rights and spaces
  • Changes within religious models, practices and approaches to worship
  • Civil and grass-roots movements
  • Musical forms and representations
  • Advances in alternative sciences and technologies

postamble publishes original graduate research of a high standard. Long papers should be between 5000 and 8000 words, short submissions between1500 and 3000 words; photographic essays –min 5, and maximum 10 photographs and 1000-1200 words. Emailed submission should be addressed to ‘The Managing Editor’, and sent to postamble@gmail.com or cas-postamble@uct.ac.za. Please ensure all submissions contain a short abstract (200 words), biography (50 words), with relevant contact details. For correct formatting, please see Submissions on our website: www.postamble.org


For queries/ submissions: postamble@gmail.com

Website: www.postamble.org

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Deadline August 15 | Call for Papers: Counter-Cultures in Contemporary Africa Volume 8 Number 1 + call for submissions