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Want to Know What Back Pain Looks Like?

Basically, the bottom of my locker. I have four textbooks for AP Lang, one honker for Government, and six composition notebooks. I wish I had a picture, but we can't use phones during the school day and they cut our passing time back to three minutes. It used to be five.

So, I'm mentioning the textbooks because I am barely escaping taking one home with me today. One of the four from AP Lang (what are the odds, right?). We have homework tonight describing how this article about maternity leave in America uses logos, ethos, and pathos to form the writer's arguments. Said article is inside Textbook du Monstrosity, and we need to use specific examples.

Yay. Rhetoric.

This is probably the first of many times I will be thankful for Study Hall, despite that we can't even take it for credit.

So, another problem, we have our first book report due October 4th. Even if it is four weeks away, I'd hate to stress myself out over something as menial as a book report.

Can anyone recommend me a fairly short (300 pages or less), entertaining, fun read? I'd prefer we stay in the realistic fiction genre, but not as much as I'd prefer to just read something good. The last books I've read recently and liked have been Anna and the French Kiss by Stephine Perkins and The DUFF by Kody Keplinger. Yep, went through a YA phase recently. I think it was triggered by reading After Dark by Haruki Murakami and needing something a little less esoteric.

So, anything you'd like to recommend? Don't worry if it may be hard to find. That's what iBooks is for.


Wisdom of the moment: use your useless time wisely.

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Want to Know What Back Pain Looks Like? + like